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Animals in the city

Dogs in the city

  • Where to go with your dog

With your dog on a leash and wearing a muzzle it is permitted to:

-         travel on all city public transport, including Ataf;
-         enter all public locations (bars, restaurants, hotels, campings, swimming pools, etc);
-         travel by taxi if your dog is small. If your dog is large, the taxi driver, after communication by telephone, has the right to refuse

It is the obligation of the dog’s owner to make sure that the animal doesn’t soil its surroundings or disturb other passengers. Any violation of the rules above may be sanctioned with a fine.

Animals in the City website

  • Dog parks

The designated areas for dogs in the city of Florence are green spaces that fit well within the urban atmosphere of the city. All areas are surrounded by fences to prevent the animals from escaping. Many of them also have areas for the owners to relax on a bench in the sun or shade. Running water is also provided in or nearby all areas. New areas are constantly being created, as there is ever growing demand from dog owners for places to go for a stroll with their four-legged friends.

On the website Verde on Web it’s possible to see the locations of the different areas throughout the city on the map by checking the box ‘Area cani’.


Useful Information

  • Adoption Project

The shelter kennel “Parco degli Animali” of the commune of Florence receives dogs from the Canile Sanitario (health kennel) which, found stray, without microchip and unrecorded in the registry, are categorized as having no owner.
Infrequently, dogs are obtained from owners that can no longer care for them due to serious reasons.

To see the list of dogs up for adoption, click here

  • Poisonings

How to recognize a poisoned bait, the symptoms of poisoning, what to do and who to contact. Immediately alert the police or carabinieri.

To see full instructions, click here


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