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Housing authority

The housing authority of the City of Florence combines the collection of reports, requirements and needs with the standard tasks of public housing services. It also informs in a timely and punctual manner on the opportunities, incentives or tools that facilitate the lease of property for residential use at a reasonable price.

The office is made possible by a collaboration between the ‘Direzione Patrimonio’/Servizio Casa and Casa s.p.a. To meet demand for low and middle income family housing and private rentals, a desk open to the public has been established at via Pietrapiana 53, staircase B, 1st floor. At this desk. the applications of tenants and offers by landlords are collected, lease agreements are registered, and the use of Guarantee Funds is managed.

Housing benefit

All citizens who have a lease agreement that is regularly registered for housing within the Municipality of Florence may apply for housing benefits. The full text of the notice and the relevant forms are available at the information desk or can be downloaded from the website.

Contact information
Direzione Patrimonio Immobiliare - Servizio Casa
Via Pietrapiana n. 53 - staircase B – 1st floor
For opening hours contact:
Agenzia Casa website

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