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Construction and Alternative Conditions

Distinct phases of tram construction have been identified, with an employment of the area that varies, depending on the amount of space required by the individual processes. 

Focus area Fortezza

The focal point for the significant impact on citizen mobility is certainly represented by the area of the Fortezza, with the involvement of important avenues, such as viale Strozzi, viale Milton, and via Lorenzo Il Magnifico. Its construction is divided into 7 different stages and will remain operational throughout the duration of the work. Among the more demanding works, the one that stands out the most is the construction of the two underpasses for vehicles, the first from viale Milton toward viale Strozzi and the second which is intended to connect the two sides of viale Strozzi (via Lorenzo il Magnifico toward the Fortezza and the Rail Spadolini). The project predicts that the tram will run outside in a specifically equipped green area, around a Fortezza freed from private traffic.

On Mugnone, the work has already begun for the construction of a Bailey bridge which is intended to take the place of the current bridge of via dello Statuto. At that point, the cars coming from via dello Statuto can no longer take the direction of Strozzi-Belfiore, instead they will be redirected towards the Bailey Bridge aross via XX settembre.

Another key area of work that involves via dello Statuto is the underpass railway that will remain closed for some time which will cause a diversion of traffic on the adjacent streets. The plan of alternative roads was studied by the Mobility Manager, together with a company that specializes in this field.

    Private Access and Parking Restrictions

    In all stages of development, there will be guaranteed pedestrian access to buildings overlooking the construction site and provisional pedestrian crossings. Access to the driveways of commerical businesses, in general, will remain open during the duration of construction. When the operations at the site do not permit access, arrangements will be made directly between the authorized personel of the site and the owners of the driveways, to lessen the inconvenience as much as possible.

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