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Decentralized Cooperation and Projects of Cooperation




Agata Smeralda project: support to the shelter home for single mothers, Salvador Bahia




Women organized for the creation of a society of peace




High level training for the protection and the valorization of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Iraq

Dar Al Kutub, the House of Books of Baghdad - Protection of the literary and archivist heritage of the National Library and Archives di Baghdad


Support to LAONF - Iraqi non-violent network to promote human rights and internal reconciliation




Income Generating Activities (AGR) in favour of the autonomy of the women in the Fès Medina


Mediterranean Spring: support for the participation and socio-economic inclusion of young people in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt




Strategies of sustainable and participatory management of the historical centre of Léon




Bonne gouvernance à Tabalak – Niger - Promoting local governance toward environment issues


Med Cooperation: the promotion of the area as a tool for dialogue and coexistence between Israel and Palestine


Planning Network: Innovative tools for the management of urban planning and the promotion of regional and urban inclusion in Palestine and Israel


Rehabilitation and preservation of Hosh Al-Syrian in the historical centre of Betlehem for its re-use as accommodation facility 01_Riabilitazione e conservazione Hosh

Baan Unrak - The House of Joy



Burkina Faso
Laafi Labumbu Onlus: let's network 2. Meeting among the Italian associations, ONG and Onlus which are active in Burkina Faso for a creation of a network
Let's Network

Laafi Labumbu




Support network for Japan after  the eartquake and tsunami of  March, 11  2011

Here a few initiatives:



Italy and Senegal together for a big concert in Florence


Palestine Now
Documentaries, short films and debates to focus on the Palestinian issue at the presence of film directors, cooperation professionals and experts of Palestine

Programme PALESTINE NOW 2012
Programme PALESTINE NOW 2013

Red Alert
Campaign for the serious humanitarian emergencies promoted by  AGIRE, Italian Agency to respond to Emergencies



Seminars, workshops, exchanges of good practices

Iraq: Training for managers of Iraqi football teams in Coverciano
Iraq: Partecipatory practices and safeguard of the sites of historical and artistic relevance
Afghanistan: Structure and organization of local bodies
China: Structure and organization of the City Administration: aspects and rules on public employement
China Technical table for an exchangekk of good practices on the development of cultural industries and public cultural services
China Technical table and exchange of good practices on the issues of cultural heritage
Senegal: Organization of health systems and first aid services
Turkey: Technical table and exhange of good practices on tourism planning and development of the territory

Annual Plans

Plan of decentralized cooperation of the Municipality of Florence - 2013
Plan of decentralized cooperation of the Municipality of Florence - 2012
Plan of decentralized cooperation of the Municipality of Florence - 2011
Plan of decentralized cooperation of the Municipality of Florence - 2010
Plan of decentralized cooperation of the Municipality of Florence - 2009


Councillor for International Relations and Cooperation
Nicoletta MANTOVANI 
Palazzo Vecchio (3° floor)  Piazza della Signoria, 50122 Florence
Secretary office: 055.2768614 -  8042 - 8043 fax 055.2768265






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