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Funeral services

The City of Florence offers several services in case of the death of a loved one. These services are the following:

-     Cremation
-     Burial (in the ground, niche or private tomb)
-     Translation

For more information regarding these services or other questions please contact the Cemetery Services office:

Repatriation of human remains

The documents needed for the repatriation of human remains are the following:

  • Request for the issue of the Mortuary Passport, addressed to the head of social security (with a ‘marca da bollo’ of €14,62)
  • Request of ‘Authorization of the transport abroad of the body’ (with a ‘marca da bollo’ of €14,62)
  • Burial permit
  • Certificate of legal death
  • ISTAT Certification ‘Death after the first year of life form’
  • Copy of the ID and passport of the deceased
  • ‘Puntura conservativa’
  • Copy of the ‘bollettino postale’ of €68,31 addressed to the ‘Azienda sanitaria di Firenze, Direzione Sanita Igiene – Servizio Tesoreria’
  • Acknowledgement of the compliance of the coffin
For more information please visit the informative website of the Municipality.

Burial for citizens belonging to the Islamic religion

The City of Florence has granted the Islamic Cultural Center of Florence a defined area within the cemetery of Trespiano for the specific use of burials of people of the Islamic religion. To get permission a Nihil Obstat’ from the representative of one of the mosques in Florence is required. A municipal morgue’ has been opened as well where, in agreement with the structure and with approved personnel, the ablution and the preparation of the body according to Islamic rites can be performed.

Contact information
Trespiano Cemetery
Ufficio Anagrafe
From Monday till Saturday from 8am – 1pm (only for information).


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