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Traditional Florence

Florentine traditions and festivities

 6 January   Epiphany
 18 February   Feast of Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici
 25 Marzo   Florentine New Year
 Easter Sunday   Scoppio del Carro
 1st of May   Flag-throwers at the Trofeo Marzocco
 June   Florentine calcio in costume
 26 July   Feast of Sant'Anna
 10 August   Feast of San Lorenzo                                                  
 7 September   Feast of the Rificolona
 8 October   Feast of Santa Reparata
 30 November   Feast of Tuscany
 21 September        Feast of Marquis Ugo di Tuscia


P.O. Tradizioni Popolari Fiorentine
Palagio di Parte Guelfa - Piazzetta di Parte Guelfa, 1/r
Responsabile Alessandro Marchesi
tel. 055 261 6056 - 6051
fax. 055 261 6053

Historical shops and craftmanship

Florence’s unique identity is built up of a number of elements. One of these is certainly world-famous art treasures of the past, but the very much alive tradition of craftsmanship is, and always has been, a very important aspect of daily Florentine life. Florence, and particularly certain areas like the characteristic 'Oltrarno' (the 'other side' of Arno River), is scattered with historical shops where craftwork has been handed down from generation to generation.
The following websites provide information about artisans and techniques, propose itineraries to visit these historical businesses and information about courses, single stores, etc.


Esercizi Storici Fiorentini (Historic Florentine Businesses)
Website dedicated to historic, traditional businesses in the city – a project of the city of Florence.


The Italian side of the website is more frequently updated and is a good place to find out more about professional courses in this field, as well as vacant internships.




Diladdarno (Florence Beyond The River)
Website dedicated to artisan trade news, commerce, culture, events, museums, transportation and services in the Oltrarno.


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