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Complementary Services

Lunch Service

By providing school lunches, schools fulfil their socio-educational role and also allow students to extend their time at school.
School lunches are provided for students in infant, primary and first level of state secondary school.
Lunch is prepared either in the school canteens or in local state-run kitchens. Some of these kitchens are staffed directly by state employees and others are run by external catering companies.
All meals are prepared on the same day that they are served and transported in specially made containers to guarantee they stay hot. The meals are served in the school canteen area within the school complex. Each student receives his/her lunch on a porcelain plate and with appropriate cutlery, all of which is then washed in the school kitchen.

The service is only provided to schools with afternoon hours and it must be requested every year along with the school inscription request. The cost of the service is determined by the economic situation of each household; to benefit from reduced tariffs, the tariff reduction request must be submitted by September 30th every year.
More info and modules (in Italian) 
Tariffs (in Italian)


School Bus

This on-demand transport service is provided to pre-school and primary school students who live more than 1 km away from the school, students who live in areas without adequate public transportation and for Rom students. This transport service to and from school is provided for all state schools, providing that this request is made to the closest public school to their residence. 

The request form for this is service must be filled in at the time of the inscription to the school. 
More info and modules (in Italian) 

For students with disabilities, the service is free of charge; 
More info and modules (in Italian)


Assistance for disabled students

A service for students with special needs attending pre-school, primary school and secondary schools of 1st and 2nd degree of the commune of Florence.
This service provides specific assistance aimed at achieving physical, relational and learning autonomy in students with physical, mental, sensorial (excluding basic assistance to be provided by the educational institute itself) within the school environment and during external, school planned activities.
More info and modules (in Italian) 


Extended school hours

1 – Early Morning Opening:

Students can come to school early from 7:35 am until 8 am when lessons begin. The request form must be filled out at the time of the inscription to the school.
More info and modules (in Italian) 


2 – After-school hours

The service is available for both for half day schools – from the end of classes to 14.30 with the possibility to leave at 14.00 – and for full day schools – from 16.30 to 17.30 with the possibility to leave at 17.00.
The midday after-school service operates only on days when students are not required to come back for further educational activities. Students who stay during these hours will eat at the school canteen. Lunch is paid by parents using a pre-completed Post Office paying-in slip.
The afternoon after-school service runs 5 days a week, from monday to friday.
The service takes place provided that the number of students enrolled is greater than10. It is possible to request the enrolment to one or both services.
More info and modules (in Italian) 


Right to education

Every year, the commune of Florence publishes a request form by September for the provision of a contribution (“Pacchetto Scuola”) to support the expenses necessary for school and to counter the dropping out of school.
The recipients are primary school students, secondary school students of first degree and second degree, residents of the commune of Florence and from households with difficult socio-economic situations.
More info and modules (in Italian) 



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