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Line 1

The construction of the tramway, Line 1 began in December of 2005, it also involved the reconstruction of the underground as well as the planting of new trees and hedges. The platforms were laid beginning on October 8, 2007. T1 tramway came into operation on February 14, 2010. It connects the Municipality of Scandicci with the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence. The length of the route is 7.4 km, with 14 stops. The travel time from beginning station to end station is approximately 23 minutes.

The average number of commuters by tram along the Firenze- Scandicci route is 25 thousand per day; in District 4, which is mainly served by the Florentine tramway, these figures are equilalent to a 5% reduction in emissions of PM10 (particulate matter).

      Control Over the Management of the Tramway System

      Within the scope of the agreement that was signed between the Tram di Firenze S.p.A (Concessionary) and Gest S.p.A. (Manager), is a Management Contract that defines the way in which the managment of the tram must be conducted. The Municipal Administration is required to verify compliance to the contracts and to oversee the procedures for the management of the Tramway.
      In particular, the controlled tasks concern:

      • the regularity of use the creation of kilometers that are contractually agreed upon;
      • the verification of the number of transporting passengers;
      • the state of cleanliness of platforms and vehicles;
      • the quality of information to the users;
      • the quality of relationships with the users.
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