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Florence Apps and Open Data


Florence Apps

The City of Florence has launched a section of their website dedicated to recently released apps for Apple iOS and Android. Based on Florence’s Open Data, some are produced by the City, others by independent developers, and all are free. For different publics, some contain tourist information, while others allow you to sign up for elementary school services or survey trees in your area. Four of the apps are available in English:

  • Florence Heritage is a collection of information about elements of the city that contribute to its UNESCO Heritage status, including historic shops and Palazzi. There are itineraries and in depth information available.
  • FirenzeUp connects to the city’s events database, up to date with everything happening, which you can filter as ‘Around You’  or ‘Top Rated’. You can also share directly from the app to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Firenze the Walking City suggests historic and panoramic walking itineraries around Florence. The English version only has 2 paths (the Italian version seven, which may be translated at a later date) with photos, elevation and a quick description along the way, including any open Wi-Fi points.
  • Firenze Card App is a useful complement to the 3-day museum card; the app shows all the museums and events on a map, as well as the city’s information points and Wi-Fi locations.
For more information see the Florence Apps website

Open Data

Open data is the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.
The Open Data website of the Municipality of Florence has as its main goal to provide important data concerning all aspects of city life to its citizens and all that are interested. These data range from parking lots to labor statistics, from gardens to museums, from archaeological excavations to public water fountains and up to road works and government spendings. Allowing open access to the city's data and statistics is an effort to increase transparency.

To visit the Open Data website click here


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