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Board and Council

Executive Board

The Mayor’s Council, or Giunta is made up of councillors that are hand-picked by the mayor, as the law dictates. The Mayor’s Council is the Mayor’s government team. The Mayor’s Council works with the mayor to run the city and to carry out general policies put forth by the local government.
The executive board usually meets Tuesday afternoon in the Sala degli Otto (Hall of the Eight) in Palazzo Vecchio. Meetings are not open to the public.

City Council

The City Council has a political and administrative role. Its members are elected by citizens every five years, at the same time as the mayor. All elected political parties are represented in the City Council, from both major and minor parties.
The City Council meets on Mondays at 3pm in the Sala dei Duecento (Hall of the Two Hundred) in Palazzo Vecchio. The sessions are open to the public.

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