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‘Florence, I Care’ Takes Care of Florence
Public and private groups work together for the enhancement of monuments and social areas of the city
Florence is a city known to the entire world, living proof of a cultured and civil lifestyle that exists to this day.
The city is home to one of the greatest heritages of art and culture in the Western world.
Florence is a name universally known and easy to remember; it attracts images of beauty, elegance, and style in all languages.
The work of maintaining this priceless value cannot rest exclusively with institutions; the collaboration with businesses and with private enterprises is a key part of maintaining the excellent characteristics of the city, and the City Government of Florence has started to promote ‘Florence, I Care,’ a project that aims to conserve and enhance not only the artistic heritage but also important public real estate that has social or scholastic value.
I CARE was the motto that Dom Lorenzo Milani wrote on the blackboard of the Barbiana school to highlight the problem of disinterest in the general public, best described by the phrase “I don’t care.”
The meaning of I CARE ‘I will take care, I will take charge’ has a social connotation and is better that the pure and simple ‘care of the monuments’ because it introduces an element of responsibility to active citizens.
The project is aimed at the driving forces of the economy, the businesses, associations, and private and public entities that, along with promoting their own products, want to have a positive social voice, which can lead to better publicity than just advertisements.
Also, promoting the right brand or product in a city that, with its 371,000 residents and over 1 million tourists per year, is a very important place for outdoor advertisements.

Click here to see the work schedule for 2014. (in Italian only)

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